Pilot Project:

UK & Ireland 2020

Target 2030’s first project will focus on tree planting and take place in one of several regions in the UK & Ireland. You can read more about the criteria, goals, and deadlines on the page below.


As the donor community grows through the second half of 2019 the funds available for our pilot project will steadily grow.

Given the exploratory nature of the first project, we’ll be setting strict criteria to ensure success. With this in mind the UK & Ireland offer the most suitable locations.

A map of the UK & Ireland showing regions suitable for tree-planting.

Geopolitically Stable

Cost Effective

Naturally land prices vary hugely across the UK & Ireland, and many regions are excluded on this basis alone. To make sure we get the most value from a carbon sequestration perspective we need to be planting as many trees as possible.

Avoids Sea-Level Rise

Low Wildfire Risk


To ensure the smooth running of the pilot project it must avoid some of the least accessible areas of the UK & Northern Ireland, even if they’re well suited for many other reasons.

Support Schemes

Goals & Deadlines

Minimum land area planted:


Minimum trees planted


Land Secured By:

Summer 2020

Tree-planting by:

Winter 2020

Next Steps


The most important part! Target 2030 and the donor community will be working hard to find as many donors as possible so we have can have the largest impact. If you’d like to fundraise in your community and want some resources to help, please get in touch.


There’s a plenty of planning that will be going on behind the scenes: consulting woodland experts, finding the right land and tree saplings, planning the planting event and, importantly, preparing the long term maintenance of sites to ensure they survive and flourish.

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