Frequently Asked Questions

What is Target 2030?

Stichting Target 2030 is a charitable foundation created to help us resist the climatic and ecological breakdown of our planet. Stichting means ‘Foundation’ in Dutch, which is where the organisation is based, however, we take donations from anywhere in the world.

The central mission is to help people pool resources to secure land for re-wilding and tree planting, with the dual aim of functional carbon sequestration (removing CO₂ from the atmosphere) and the expansion of wilderness spaces in key areas. Additionally to this, recurring donors receive direct support to encourage more sustainable living – there’s a regular newsletter bringing stories of success from the community and useful sustainability advice, and donors are entitled to a yearly Sustainability Check-In, however much they donate.

What are donations used for?

95%(+) of donations fund the purchase and protection of land, with a focus on tree planting.

This includes buying parcels of land, legal costs, tree and vegetation purchases, and any costs inherent in the planting and long-term maintenance of the restored and protected sites.

5% is spent on operational costs, including hosting the website, basic accountancy, payment processing fees and occasionally some marketing materials. Any future perks for the donor community will also be cost-conscious, with the intention to keep operational costs below 5%, and hopefully much lower!

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