Help Fight The Climate Crisis

Start donating any sum you can afford and not only will you be contributing towards restoring our environment and capturing CO₂, you’ll also receive a personalised sustainability consultation each year and other great donor perks too!

How Donations Are Used

Being a young charity is great because it means there are almost no overhead costs! Close to 100% of the donations received will go directly towards helping our planet. You can read about the pilot project here, but as a general rule, donations are applied as follows:


Purchasing & Protecting Land

The lion's share of donations are spent directly on land purchasing and protection. This includes buying parcels of land, legal costs, tree and vegetation purchases, and any costs inherent in the planting and long-term maintenance of the restored and protected sites.


Operational Costs

Operational costs include hosting the website, basic accountancy, payment processing fees and occasionally some marketing materials. Any future perks for the donor community will also be cost-conscious, with the intention to keep operational costs below 5%, and hopefully much lower!

Donor Perks

Aside from the opportunity to actively contribute toward protecting our environment against climate breakdown, the plan is to make sure you benefit personally even sooner. From day one there are some great perks for donors making recurring payments, and as the donor-base grows the benefits improve too!

With that in mind, you can view the milestones below and the perks that are unlocked at each stage. Any milestone with a tick/checkmark has already been unlocked 🙂

0-150 Donors

• All new donors receive a Target 2030 Welcome Pack that will help you spread the word about fighting climate change.
• Each donor receives our monthly newsletter with sustainability advice and links to recent articles you might have missed.
• Each donor is entitled to an annual Sustainability Check-in where we discuss what you're doing to help the planet and what else you could do.

150+ Donors

• When Target 2030 reaches 150 Recurring Donor milestone, our newsletter becomes weekly.
• 150 donors will also trigger the launch of a Target 2030 online community. This will be a forum for subscribers to ask questions, share advice and generally collaborate on fighting climate change.

250+ Donors

• At 250 donors Target 2030 would look to introduce sustainability calculators specifically aimed at helping people achieve emission levels within the guideline for the UN's target of the year 2030.
• Donors will start to receive optional exclusive discounts from sustainable commerce providers via the newsletter.

500+ Donors

Who knows, if the donor community grows even half this much then this milestone could have some pretty awesome perks, there are loads more idea that could be added!

More reasons why you should donate

The perks are nice, and they’ll increase the climate positive actions amongst the donor community, but it’s also worth mentioning a bit more about why your donations really matter…

Our Best Chance

Tree planting, along the restoration and protection of our natural environment, is our biggest and best chance to fight climate and ecological breakdown. It’s not just us saying it either, you can read more here.

Investing In Tomorrow

Unlike similar tree planting schemes, Target 2030 will only plant 4+ metres above sea level in areas at lowest risk of wildfire, and in geopolitically stable regions where land can be legally protected long term.

Money Well-Spent

Target 2030 is a young, conscientious charity and has tiny overheads. 95% of all donations are directed straight towards our projects fighting the climate crisis, there are no huge staff or administrative overheads common to larger charities.

Personal Development

Donating to charity is an amazing and important thing to do, but often it avoids helping you make improvements closer to home. Alongside our helpful newsletter, there are annual consultations for recurring donors (however much you’re donating!) to help you live more sustainably.

Still not ready to help fight for our future?

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