About Target 2030

As with any charitable foundation, it’s important to understand its origins and legal structure. On this page there’s a short outline of how and why it started, and a bit about the legal structure underlying it.

Legal Structure

Target 2030 is formally known as Stichting Target 2030, Stichting means Foundation in the Netherlands, where the foundation is based.

The objectives of the foundation centre around raising funds to help people mitigate the worst effects of climate change. The 2 main areas of focus are:

  • Funding the purchase of land for rewilding and tree planting, with the dual outcomes of a.) functional carbon sequestration and b.) expanding the range of wilderness spaces in key areas.
  • Helping to coordinate and promote climate positive actions/behaviours at an individual level. This might be through newsletters, personal consultations, community building, or offering tools for evaluation.

The foundation can additionally consider activities that further work towards:

  • Coordinating lobbying of local/regional (not national or supranational) governmental organisations.
  • Working with businesses to help facilitate the offsetting and/or reduction of their carbon emissions.

Operational activities are subject to change, and any and all changes will be published on this page and shared with the donor community.

Statutory Name: Stichting Target 2030

Date of Deed of Incorporation: 2nd of May 2019

For further information or legal documentation, please get in touch.


Hi there, my name’s Chris Pattison, here’s a quick note explaining why I set up Target 2030:

When I think about the world when my daughter is my age (around 2048!), and the global tragedies that will occur in the intervening years, it sickens me. We’ve messed things up, and half the smartest, most passionate people are finding it hard enough to make ends meet, let alone effecting positive change.

When I read the UN climate report in late 2018 and its statement on how we have only 12 years to radically change the way we’re living and working before it’s too late, I decided I needed to do something. When my daughter asks me in decades to come ‘what did you do to help?’, I want my answer to be that I spent all my spare energy fighting for her future with our friends, family, and anyone else who is willing to take up the cause.

So, April 2019, I started Target 2030. The simple plan was to set up a foundation to help people pool resources and ideas to try and effect change – it’s a charity for anyone that feels like they can’t do anything on their own but want to proactively and meaningfully channel that frustration.

I actually decided to co-opt a hashtag that artists use on Instagram called #The100DayProject. The aim is that you make a bit of progress each day for 100 days and see where you’re at. It wasn’t really for starting a charity, but it seemed like a nice way to be accountable to a small audience, and importantly – to keep me focused on actually setting this thing up alongside my responsibilities at work and my family life at home! I guess it worked, because on July 17th 2019 Target 2030 went fully live for the first time and I already had donors by the first day :).

I don’t honestly know what happens next, with Target 2030, or our planet, but ideally none of us will sit idly by, waiting to find out. If you care about the state of our environment and want to help, please consider donating, getting in touch, or co-signing and sharing the Target 2030 Open Letter with your friends, family and others.


Chris Pattison