The Planet Needs Your Help

Individually we can feel powerless when confronted by the unfolding environmental crisis. Target 2030 will empower you to effect positive change, live more sustainably, and restore the natural environment whilst you’re doing it.



square kilometres of tropical forest were lost in 2018 (source: Wired). This figures are set to soar under Brazil’s new political leadership.


Together, the Target 2030 community is fighting for change.

We believe in the power of individual actions to add up to a larger whole. We believe that while reducing our own impact on the planet, we can simultaneously be working to help others do the same.

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Tree-planting & Rewilding

We raise funds to acquire land for annual re-wilding and tree planting initiatives. This expands wilderness areas, but more importantly, it’s the number one way we can capture CO₂ from earth’s atmosphere.

Sustainability Advice

Every donor receive an annual personal sustainability check-in. On top of that, there’s a regular newsletter with success stories from the community and advice on how to live more sustainably and share your knowledge with your community.

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